Think Twice Before You Think: L(a)unch

You are invited to the most low-key launch event of the century*.

Part publication launch, part me sitting in the Vic eating my lunch, the l(a)unch of ‘Think Twice Before You Think’ will take place on Monday 26th October, between 1 and 2pm. We’ll have 70 copies available, on a first come first served basis, and the project is also available to view at

The pamphlet is an outcome of one of last years Feral Studio workshops and discussion groups called ‘Inside Out School’, run by Sophie Dyer, Antonia Brell (who edited and designed the publication), Thom Swann and Rosie Everleigh. It contains reflections on that project, alongside articles, resources and references on modes of art and design education.

* Featuring:

– No Talks
– Background Music
– PARP (Participatory And Radical Pedagogy)
– My Lunch

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